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Thread: opus supply & computer on/off

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    opus supply & computer on/off

    Can you turn on the computer when the ignition is off?
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    Re: opus supply & computer on/off

    Originally posted by ShinkunoNamida
    Can you turn on the computer when the ignition is off?
    You have to supply power to the yellow wire, then the computer will turn on. If you power down the computer, you have to cut power to the yellow wire for at least 5 seconds then apply power to the yellow wire. You can also install a momentary switch to the green and white. With the momentary switch, you can turn on your computer with out cutting power to the yellow wire. The yellow has to have power in order for the computer to turn on. You can buy an on-off-on switch. Top pin goes to ACC, center pin goes to Opus, bottom pin goes to constant 12V. Switch to top, computer turns on with ign. Switch to middle, computer wont turn on. Switch to bottom, computer turns on with out key.

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    cproaudio is correct

    cproaudio is correct. You need to have constant power to the yellow wire. A switch works great for this. Before you turn the car off, turn the override switch on, and then the computer will stay life. (Just remember to take override off before you exit the vehicle if you want it to shut down, or you could have a dead battery :-)


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