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Thread: P1900 not working??

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    P1900 not working??

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I have a P1900 with the P5V controller attached. I have read the instruction manual and the mp3car forums as well as the carnetix forums. For some reason, the P1900 is not powering up. The fan does not come on and the LED does not sequence or even come on for that matter.

    I ran an 8gauge wire from my battery, with a fuse in line, to a wiring terminal, from there I ran a wire to the red +12V input on the P1900 wiring harness. I ran a wire from the yellow ignition wire of my car to the ignition wire on the P1900 harness. The black ground is attached to a solid ground wire as well.

    I tested the input voltage and get a solid +12 to +14 volts from the wiring terminal. I also have power to the wiring harness. When I connect the wiring harness to the P1900, the LED does not blink, the fan does not come on, and there is a +12V to all of the outputs (including the P5 which should only have 5V).

    I am open to any suggestions.
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    Not to make any assumptions here, but have you tried starting the car with the harness already plugged in to the 1900? I can't tell from your description if you are just expecting it to turn on when you plug the harness in with the car already running. It needs the ACC signal to turn on and off.

    If you've verified that and you still don't get anything, I would guess that you probably have a defective unit.

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    Everything is working now, pictures to follow in 2-3 days

    Thanks for the suggestion. As it turns out, your were right. The wire clamp I had placed on the ACC/IGN wire had worked its way loose. Likewise, I had a bad/partial ground. I fixed both of these and the P1900 fired up perfectly. The LED sequence, the fan, and the output voltages of the primary, secondary, and the P5V were exactly right. I'm going to tear everything down and solder all of the connects and use shrink raps, get rid of the black electrical tape, make it clean, etc, etc.

    All said and done I will have the following config.

    2002 Chevy Suburban
    Pioneer DEH-P7900BT CD Receiver with Bluetooth
    Pioneer GEX-P920XM XM Satellite Radio
    Mac Mini 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Xenarc 700TSV
    Custom Dash Bezel
    Custom Center Console with built in A/C controls
    Carnetix P1900 Power control

    Pictures soon to follow. Special thanks to everyones whos posts and pictures contributed to my success.


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