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Thread: Carnetix 15W +5V adapter...

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    Carnetix 15W +5V adapter...

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a quick question. Since I lost my cig lighter when I installed my screen, I would like to relocate it. I have a Carnetix P1900 with the 15W +5V P.O.L. Can I simply wire this to a cig lighter, and its good to go?

    I just use it for charging my cell phone, FM Transmitter etc.


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    The Carnetix just converts 12v to 5v. You can plug it to any line that carries 12v (like the cig lighter) and it'll work. I thought that the main reason for getting that POL was to power USB devices.

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    Your normal cig lighter is 12v, the carnetix will give you your PC output (12 - 19v IIRC) screen output (12-13v) and additional output (5v).

    A lot of devices are designed to charge on 5v so they can work with USB and therefore most cig plugs have a 12v -> 5v regulator in them.

    If you just want to charge things that have a USB or 5v input then you could put a powered usb hub and/ or wire directly to the power lead for the item. If you want a general purpose cig lighter socket, then you'd be better just taking it straight from the car electrics and ignoring the carnetix - if you fed your cig lighter from the carnetix you'd have to make sure not to use a power inverter, car powered vacuum, powered tyre inflator etc etc

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