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Thread: p2140 mac mini install question

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    p2140 mac mini install question

    OK so i have finally received everything i need to get started. I have a lilliput 29 touchscreen, core 2 dou mac mini, macpac, and carnetixs p2140. I swear, i have been searching for the last 3 days for every little bit of info to help me and its come down to this. For the screen, does it matter if i splice the car charger or house charger and connect it to the p2140? and what setting do i set the screen for on the jumpers seeing as i dont think its 5v im guessing 12v right.(sorry for the stupid question) second, for the mac mini ive already connected the macpac to the mac mini but on the p2140 what volts does it require, 18.5v or 20v. now with the jp4 setting, im guessing that the screen is 12v and the mac is either 20v or 18.5v so i wanna make sure i set it to configuration two?. im guessing that since i have a stock wrx my input voltage is 12 right? next, what does the acpi green cable do.. im guessing from what ive read that i can power a usb device from the brown but the what is the point of a p5v i always read about. sorry about the dumb questions but im putting everything in today and i just want to get these last kinks worked out. thanks in advance

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    Your question is less Mac-oriented and more PSU-oriented.

    1 - Splice into a molex HDD power connector (yellow wire is 12v).
    2 - Set it to 12v output for the screen.
    3 - 18v for the Mac Mini. I thought this was in the manual, but I didn't see it. It's int eh manual for the P1900, the P2140 predecessor.
    4 - For the ACPI cable installation, you really should read the manual for the P1900.

    Your questions aren't so much dumb as newbish. They show that you have done little or no research before diving in and purchasing parts.
    I highly recommend slowing down and doing some planning of your install, including wiring, PSU configuration and how all this hardware you purchased works together.
    From your questions, I'd suggest doing lots of research.
    It sucks. It's boring. You have to weed through lots of useless crap. It's time consuming.
    But you'll have an infinitely better understanding of what yuou are about to undertake. You'll also be better equipped to troubleshoot those niggling issues that invariably will crop up.

    Good luck.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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