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Thread: Opus power supply and standby issues

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    Opus power supply and standby issues

    hi all, I have an opus 320W power supply and a brand new motherboard with a via chipset running an intel core 2 duo proc.

    i can get the computer to go into standby mode when turning off the ignition but when i turn it on it dosnt come back out. the power supply with after like 5 mins shut down and flash the error code 4 ( incorrect suspend or hyberation ) I have acpi enabled in bios and I have tried the opus in both switch mode and ign mode.

    useing a power switch on the mother board puts it into suspend and brings it out just fine

    any ideas?

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    I got an Opus 120w thinking that based on its reputation it'll solve my suspend issues, but it just introduces its own problems. I bought a new motherboard and waiting for that to come in, hoping it'll suspend better.

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