I have an Acura Integra. It has 4 key positions. 0 is when the car is off, nothing is turned on. I will turn on the radio. II will turn on pretty much everything else but the motor (AC/Heater, etc). and III will crank the car and start it (it also stays on III when the car is running.

I have a Carnetix 2140 with the ACPI lines hooked up to my power switch on my IBM T40 Docking station. The JP6 jumper is OFF. Everything works pretty well. When I put the key in and immediately crank the car to start it (going from 0 to III), the laptop will resume from standby. Or if I turn it from 0 to I or II (ACC) it will also trigger the power switch. When I shut off the car (going from III to II or III to 0), the laptop will go into standby mode. If I turn the key from 0 to I or II (ACC) and not start the car, the laptop will also resume from standby. That's cool. BUT, when if the laptop is running, and then I crank the car after, the laptop goes back into standby mode. Same thing when I shut the car off and go into I or II (ACC), if the laptop is running, the laptop will go into standby mode.

Basically going from I or II (ACC) key positions to Cranking the car, and from the motor running to I or II (ACC) key positions will trigger the power switch. Is there a way for me to fix this? I want the laptop to power off (go into standby mode) when I turn the key position to 0 ONLY and power on (resume from standby) whenever it goes from 0 to I or higher. In otherwords, I don't want it to think going from II to cranking the car as a input to power on/off the laptop.