i need help changing my p1900's shut down time. i dont think six seconds is long enough to hibernate/shutdown my mp915. i see in the manual, you can change it to 15 minutes. 6 seconds seems too short, and 15 minutes seems way too long. if i have it set at 15 minutes, my moniter will be on for that 15 xtra minutes. unless in not reading this correctly. this whole hibernate/stand by(sleep) jumper setting doesnt really make sense to me. if i have my pc set to hibernate when the button is pressed, doesnt it just powerdown like normal?

well i guess to put this simply, what settings do i need to set it at to allow it to startup and delay the remote signal to my amp. what do i need to do to get it to allow the mp915 to go into hibernate? settings in xp and jumpers on the p1900?