I need a good power inverter, one that has an external fuse and will auto shut off if my car battery is low. It only needs to be ~100 watts (more is fine). I am powering an EEE pc from the inverter which will be my permanent carputer. The EEE runs on 9.5 volts and I dont feel like trying to get a DC-DC power supply to work with it. I had this inverter :
For some reason it would go into protection mode when ever the car started. (I wired it directly to the battery and fused it externally) IF i turned the switch on it to OFF then turned on the car it was fine to turn the inverter ON once the car was already on. But leaving it on and starting the car put it into protection mode. I tried another inverter from radio shack and it did something that I can't comprehend : When ever i ran my EEE from the inverter the mouse would not work properly! It would jump around the and the touch pad would stick (an external mouse wouldn't work properly either) . But if i unplugged the EEE and let it run on battery or on the other inverter than the mouse would work perfectly. I have no idea how the inverter could mess up my mouse?

Anyways, I need a quality inverter , can someone please link me to one?