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Thread: DSATX 220 watt Automotive Power Supply

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    DSATX 220 watt Automotive Power Supply and Brain Stem

    This thread will serve to post all relative information for the DSATX 220 watt Automotive Power Supply and the Brainstem.

    This thread is not to be used for troubleshooting, but rather for FAQ type responses.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Brainstem Guidelines

    Quote Originally Posted by zootjeff View Post
    1. Don't Hot-Plug the brainstem! Hot plugging it causes it to hiccup the micro controller and causes weird results.

    2. If you do Hot-Plug it and you want it to behave normal, do the following:

    Take a Jumper and short pins JP1 A2 and B2. Be very careful when you do this. (Don't randomly short out everything with tweezers.) Shorting A2 to B2 will put the DSATX in the Reset state and reset any weirdness you created from hot-plugging your brainstem. You must then un-short it for it to come out of the reset state.

    3. You must enable writing if you are going to change parameters
    The when you want to set paramters you must (E)nable writing first. A capital E will then ask you if you want the DSATX to burn the EEPROM with new settings as you type. Yes. Then you won't get line feeds for every key as your typing an S command.

    4. F and O will turn on and off the Feed Diagnostic Output. If you type, you should see an echo. That means you have hyperterminal setup right.. It you type and you don't see anything, your not setup right. 9600 baud, 8 bits,1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control.

    5. The brainstem is plugged in right if it goes into the 4 pin connector without trouble. The circuit board of the brainstem should not hit the white housing of the connector.

    Hot-Plug means connecting the brainstem connector to the DSATX while there is 12V on VIN. When ACC is has 0V and VIN has 12V, that IS a Hot-Plug. You can also use use needle nose and pull the fuse (Or disconnect VIN from the battery) rather than shorting the pins to correct the problem.

    You can disconnect the VIN from the battery (for 5 or more seconds) and it will have the same effect as the reset.

    Here is a youtube:

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    If you have a motherboard that expects the -5 volt signal instead of the +5 volt signal, and you build the reverse polarity circuit (cable) as shown here , you may end up with the power supply starting and then stopping a few seconds later. This is caused by the cable you created was plugged in incorrectly. The single wire goes to the MB power On pin which is the pin that is closer to the center of the board. The other cable then plugs into your motherboard.

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    Ineffigy, glad it worked for you. I tried every combination x 10 and it kept having the boot issue.
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    dsatx in voompc2 case :
    less than $8 for parts.
    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>

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    Smile DSATX on Boat (36 foot trawler)

    I bought a refurbished DSATX from you guys. I didn't expect to need to build the cables, but apparently you can't get them. The local PC shop, was kind enough to give (gasp - give!) me two burned out ac-power supplies from which I could salvage all the connectors and cables to make my own.

    If you are going to build your own cable, it pays to keep a clear head. There are a lot of wires - easy to get confused. I used crimp connectors and heat-shrink tubing.

    I installed the DSATX on standoffs in the box of one of the dead ac power supplies the pc dealer gave me. I removed the fan from the box, becaue my 3u case has 3 fans. box is installed in front of case and fans draw all air for system through DSATX power supply box, then over drives and MB, then out the back.

    IT WORKS GREAT. I'm using a bit more than 1/2 the amps the inverter and old ac ps used. Typically 65 watts/ compared to 120-130. On our boat,this is critical because old setup was second biggest battery sucker after refrigerator. We have eight 6 volt golf cart batteries wired for 12 volts and we have to run genset to recharge them.

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    LiteOn DVD drive.

    I used the jumper to thwart the board's many options and it turns on and off just like a conventional PC -

    what a great product.

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    In the manual it says:
    t3 = Time between Computer Shutdown Pulse and +5V Standby OFF. Default = 90s Max, 2s Min

    That cant be right, can it?
    I cant set the time to 30 mins or above?

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    Why would you want to wait 30m or longer for your PC to start shutting down?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Not the shutdown delay.
    I am talking about the delay until the +5V rail is shut off, aka no more power for the RAM to allow quick resume from sleep. I dont want to use hibernation all the time, especially if I just leave the car for a few mins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gullimonster View Post
    Not the shutdown delay.
    I am talking about the delay until the +5V rail is shut off, aka no more power for the RAM to allow quick resume from sleep. I dont want to use hibernation all the time, especially if I just leave the car for a few mins.
    We can fix this for you if you like, good point. Want me to send you a firmware update to extend it? What is a good upper limit?

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