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Thread: M3-ATX 125 watt Smart Automotive Power Supply

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    I posted a question on here a little while back but I think with the forum issues it somehow was lost...

    I have an M350 case that has the Mo-So-Co modification that has a couple quick connect wire harnesses. On one I am powering the PC and the other is to pass power back out. I currently am passing out the Amp turn on, Ground and +5volts to power a powered USB hub. Do I really need to pass this ground back out or is it the same as the ground fed to the power supply in the first place? I guess what I mean is do I need to pass this ground back out or can I just ground to the vehicle ground since that will be the same ground I will be feeding to the M3-ATX in the first place.

    I ask because I only have 3 wires coming out. I don't want to cause any issues with anything so I thought I would ask before just trying it.



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