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Thread: New version of Opus ??

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    New version of Opus ??

    Just checking out Opus site and found the new mobile workstation case.

    The power supply is now rated at 160 watts even though the current output is the same as the original. The internal fuse is now 20 amps instead of 15 amps. The battery saver shuts the computer down at 11.75 volts instead of 10 volts. I remember mentioning to Kris about the battery saver shut down voltage being too low to actually start the car when I was filling out the feed back email from him. Damn, I guess he listed.

    I put my Opus on a ragulated power supply with Amperage meter to check the current draw. The setup only consist of FV24, P-III 933Mhz, 160GB HD, KB, Mouse. At idle, the current draw is only 2.5 amps. At full CPU useage, the current draw is 4.75 amps. The test was done at 13.85 volts. That comes out to about 60 watts since the Opus is not 100% efficient.

    While I was conducting the test, I replaced the Opus with my good ole 300watt ATX PSU. Up on pluging it in, the 300 watt supply exploded. Smoke came flying out of the vents on the PSU case. The bang was probably about 110-115db. It scared the crap out of me. I almost had to change my underwear. I took my computer apart down to the motherboard and tested every component. Luckily, the only thing that blew up was the power supply. After the bang, I decided not to do anymore test. Not til I got my balls back. Oh BTW I hope the language is ok with you Aaron. I dont want you to go high school on me or something.

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    Re: New version of Opus ??

    bangs and smoke are good sometimes..... they remind us that electricity is our gods and that we need to respect its often evil ways

    sheesh 4.75amps under load for all that.... very impressive.... once my current hardware/sound upgrades are installed DC-DC might just have to be the next purchase on the list..
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Re: Re: New version of Opus ??

    I hate when pc's break

    I turned on my pc, went to adjust the a/c, turned around to see that the psu pushed white thick smoke out.

    the error? the internal pc speaker black cable was grounded!!!!! the solder point on the speaker came loose.

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    Wow - I hope you are okay!!!! Very very funny to read though

    Thanks for your kind words and interest in the Opus Site, we are still working on the new site and plan to add further information and products in the future.


    Opus Solutions, Inc.
    DC-DC Power Supply for ITX/ATX
    Opus support forums now open!!!


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