I have been doing an install for weeks now and the main reason for my slow progress is I am having problems with my M2-ATX it all seems to be connected correctly but it's not turning on.

First of all I have had the PC with the M2-ATX all connected up to a ATX PSU indoors by shorting the pins 13 and 14 of the ATX connector and connecting the red power cable to a yellow cable connected to a molex connector, the white ignition to another yellow cable of a molex and the ground obviously to the black ground of a molex connector. While doing this my PC seems to work fine, if I disconnect the ignition cable the PC will shutdown as well. Hopefully this means that there is nothing wrong my M2-ATX but I dont know.

Next I take the exact same build down to my car and plug it in the power cable runs directly from the battery to a 120a fuse and holder then into my boot and to a fused distro block which is currently using a 40a (i will lower it when I get it working) this then goes to my M2-ATX red cable. The white cable runs to my old Stereo ISO and gets the ignition off that. The ground runs to a distro block and then to a bolt that was before being used as a ground by I think the rear right hand lights. The ground cable is probably only a metre max from PSU to grounding point probably less.

I have tested the ignition cable a few times it has a on/off/on switch connected and all this seems to work fine I have even tested this ignition cable on my amp the on/off/on switch all works like it should which I am happy about.

I am going to check the ground cable make sure thats all connected fine and put a new connector on the end as well. Apart from looking at the ground cable physically and making sure its connected is there anything else I should do to test it?

Any ideas what maybe stopping my M2-ATX from not turning on?