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Thread: grounding

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    Theres heap o talk about grounding and grounding loops and such.

    See Ive made my own box out'a wood and I just wanna know do I have to ground the mobo or the psu, OR canI just rely on the earth pin on the psu cable doing the job for me?

    This all comes about from trying to eliminate video interferance, I did a bit of searching for some answers, and have some ideas to play out. But if anyone has some ground breaking news on how to eliminate video intereferance then let me know.

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    Re: grounding

    I am in the same boat as you.... my boxen is made from plywood (cheap, light, strong, easy to work with ) ...

    I just grounded the PSU back to the car chassis.... perfect... the ATX connector will in effect ground your mobo....

    video interference??? you have composite video out??? I have a similar problem, though not major - but I would like to eliminate it... not really sure where to start looking though??? I noticed that on my old playstation video/audio output cable they have one of those ferriete/metal rings around the cable, just after it leaves the PSX.... the same on the controllers.... I wonder if something like that would filter anything?
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    Those ferrite beads which're on lots of differnet cables are for RF afaik.

    Might need to connect an oscilloscope to your video out and see what freqency the interference is coming from, then build a inductor / capacitor circuit matched to that... (much easier said than done though!)


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