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Thread: Help on DC-DC PSU for D201GLY2A??

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    Help on DC-DC PSU for my CarPC with D201GLY2A

    Hi Friends,

    I am planning to implement my CarPC.
    But i am a little stuck at choosing the right Power Supply Unit.

    My Plan:
    Intel D201GLY2A
    Panasonic UJ-85J-B Slim Slot load DVD±R/±RW/+RDL/RAM Multi Drive
    512MB DDR2 SODIMM PC2-4200 RAM
    Xenarc 705TSV 7" TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor w/ VGA & AV inputs
    Major Brand 80GB 2.5" IDE Hard Drive
    New Griffin Powermate Volume Knob
    Mini-Key USB Keyboard DGPN-570
    Bluetooth USB Dongle

    Now which PSU can i choose from store??

    I will be building the In-dash case on my own using help from u guys

    Also help me to understand how to calculate the Power supply

    Cheers to

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    I suggest reading the FAQs:

    All the information you need is in there.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Since this afternoon I am using a M2-ATX together with the same board you have.
    It powers up the next items:

    7" touchscreen
    HQCT USB radio
    USB hub
    3 fans
    1024 memory
    120 gb notebook SATA hard drive

    Am planning to also attache my 2 headrest monitors to the supply. I think it will hold whitout any problem.
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    thank you

    hi friends,

    thanks for your replies.
    You guys rock!!!

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    i would go for 1gb of memory btw, its dirt cheap, and means you can allocate a bit more to the video memory.
    and i didnt think these boards took SO-DIMM (laptop) memory should just be normal DDR2

    i currently have a morex 80W car psu in mine, it survives crank well,
    the screen and head deck are powered direct off the cars 12V not the cleaned 12v from the psu, since they are both designed to be in cars they can cope with the variance in voltages

    i got one of these cases which fit under my front seat nicely (i got my local supplier to swap the 60W psu that comes with it for the 80W car one - $30nz extra)

    additionally im looking at putting a small 12V 7Ah tank battery in as well, with a relay so when i turn the car off the computer can still shut down run whatever without impacting the cars battery

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    I am using a PC power and cooling 90 watt dc to dc with my D201GLY2 it also powers my monitor, keypad and mouse.
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

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