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Thread: Powering on M3-ATX for testing

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    Powering on M3-ATX for testing

    I was wondering if I can hook up a regular power button switch to the motherboard and connect the (+) + (IGN) to the battery, (-) to ground and use the power button to turn on the PC? I want to make sure everything else is working before I pull apart the console to get to the (ACC) connection.

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    If you mean connect the ign wire to the same constant power source as the power wire, then use the normal momentary switch to start up then, most likely, yes. Its how mine is hooked up right now, but for me, its because my motherboard doesnt respond to startup and shutdown commands through the atx connector. If your motherboard does respond to those commands, it may cause problems with shutdown or start up. I cant really say.
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    Just put the switch in between say a cig lighter connection.

    So yes i think that should work fine. Its just a 12v signal to power on the M3.
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