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Thread: New to site, have some power inverter questions....

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    New to site, have some power inverter questions....

    Ok here's the scoop. I have a custom mounted 7" monitor in my center console of my truck, and a small DVD player under my back seat. Here's the problem. The DVD player is hooked up to my power inverter with plugs into a cig lighter, and the RCA's are run to the screen. When the inverter is on, I get a constant buzz that does not vary with engine speed (alt whine). I know its the inverter producing the sound. It also seems that it makes small lines in the image on the screen that coincides with noise in the speakers.

    I know about the ground loop isolator, but is there anything I can ground from the inverter or the DVD player, like grounding an amp?

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    Power inverter...

    The 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC inverters are typically square wave output. Commercial AC power is sine wave. A square wave has lots of harmonics (higher frequency noise) that needs more filtration than commercial sine wave power. This interference shows up as video noise and audio noise. If you know somebody who is experienced with electronics, they might be able to help you build a filter. I don't want to attempt that at a distance, because you can be severely killed by 120 volts AC if you don't do it right.

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    Always the option to buy a better inverter

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