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Thread: Getting ready to run my power wires

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    Getting ready to run my power wires


    I have been reading the forums here for a couple of months and I am ready to get started on my project. I am almost sure that I have correctly figured out the power wiring for my setup and I am posting a picture for some feedback. My setup is pretty simple, a Dell Latitude x300 laptop and a Lilliput monitor. With the setup below, will I be wired OK? I figure the whole system uses under 10 amps and the dual outlet lighter is rated to 15 amps. Is my 8 awg from the battery overkill? Are the 10 awg wires large enough? I hope I am not asking to be spoon fed, but I would like to keep this setup safe! Please reply with any comments or suggestions...


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    1. 8awg is a good size to run, but you should run it the entire length. the total wire length is only as good as the smallest wire, the wire going to your dual outlets should be 8awg as well (use 8awg to connect to relay pins #30 and #87).

    2. the relay coil wires (pins #86 and #85) do not carry much power. 1oawg is serious overkill for those wires (the ACC line you're going to connect it to is probably 20awg or smaller).

    3. I wouldn't use cig lighter outlets. they don't make good connections (not much surface area for the positive connection, dirt builds up inside, and they can rattle/vibrate loose over time). it would be better to hardwire your power wires. if you want them to be easily removable, then you can use a set of male/female interlocking connectors.

    good luck

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