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Thread: Problem with new DSATX

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbradshw View Post
    OK I got it going. It looks like it may have been a polarity issue like you said earlier RipplingHurst. When I swapped it before, I didn't have it plugged into the G pins so that's why I said it didn't make a difference.

    However, one little issue that's popped up since it's now working. When I turn off ACC, the DSATX immediately removes power from the PC, no shutdown or anything, but I'm currently troubleshooting that so we'll see where that leads.
    Do you have a motherboard hooked up for this? If you turned P1 all the way to low, then it won't spend any time before it shuts down. If you are testing on a bench and don't have a computer connected, then DSATX will kill the power right away, It waits until the Green wire from the computer on the 20 pin power cable goes low, then it knows the computer is off.
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    Yeah it's in the car powering the motherboard. I have P1 turned fully CW so I'm still a bit stumped. Right now I'm just issuing a manual hibernate from RoadRunner before I shut off the car until I figure it out.

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    Did you get my PNs, because of my DSATX problem??

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