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Thread: Carnetix P2140 lower primary voltage to IBM Thinkpad 16v

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    Smile Carnetix P2140 lower primary voltage to IBM Thinkpad 16v

    Hi all, many thanks for all of your help so far as if it wasn't for this forum I'd be going mental..

    Ok, I'm seeking some advice on how to reduce the power output of my primary voltage from a Carnetix P2140. This reduction would need to be suitable for my IBM Thinkpad T42's docking station. Power of which is 16v 4.5a.

    The primary voltage on the P2140 can give 12v, 18.5v and 20v.

    Do I have any options? I've read many forum articles and have had little joy..

    Any help would be appreciated..

    Many thanks...

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    I think the store sells some resistor jumpers to select different voltages.

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