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Thread: P1900 or P2140?

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    P1900 or P2140?

    I'm trying to decide which is better for my setup, a P1900 or a P2140 regulator. I have a Mac Mini (85 watts), I'm going to get a Xenarc 1020TSV (<8 watts), and a powered USB hub (I don't know how many watts). So, I could easily get by with a P1900, but I don't know if it's worth it to have the advanced features of the P2140, or if the software is Mac compatible. Is it worth the extra $50? Other than the software, what else do you get that might justify the extra cost?

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    I dont think you can run the software on a Mac. The bonus thing on the 2140 is the ability to control its settings via the software.

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