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Thread: AOpen MP945-VX

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    Post AOpen MP945-VX

    Well, I had been looking to get back into the CarPC thing for a while and I saw this little system at the store for $250 so I picked it up and threw my broken laptop's CPU, RAM and HDD in it... my only problem is the power supply now.

    It's looking to me like the Carnetix P1900 would be the safest bet here, if a little expensive.
    Any other good suggestions? Thanks guys.

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    I have an aopen mini pc as well. Either the P1900 or the P2140 would do the job for these mini pc's.

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    Sounds good, I don't have a lot to power so I'll probably grab the P1900. Thanks for the input.

    By the way, (figure I'll ask before starting another full post) does anyone know how to get a replacement cable for Lilliput screens? I lost the screw-on VGA/USB cable somehow.

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