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Thread: Everything You need to know about your M4 ATX

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    I'm afraid i can't help you there as i don't know how to check the firmware.

    As i understand it there's only 1 way to do it and thats when the unit is powered up and you have the intelligent cable made up and connected to the software.

    In my case, it was just a good guess as i'd had it for ages, i got it just after they came out so i was pretty sure and proved correct.
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    M4-ATX Input fuse rating

    what is the recommended fuse rating to feed the M4-ATX PS? I believe that it should be 20A for the +12V line and perhaps 3A for the Ignition line. Is this correct?

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    M4-ATX no power problem


    I red many replies. I had a problem with M4-ATX power supply.

    I had connect all wires and after get power nothing happening.

    I searched for many hours and didn't find nothing about on internet.

    So, i decided to start from the beggining.

    I used a external car battery for test.

    The also deference was that didn't connect 12V of battery to IGNITION of M4-ATX.

    After cut everything worked fine.

    If anybody has the same problem, try it to connect only V+ and GROUND.

    I hope to help.

    Thanks to community.

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    M4-atx ignition connector


    [Copy from manual]

    Power Input Connectors (bottom, right)
    Left Battery negative (GND) Center Ignition (switched battery, positive. Can test by connecting to Battery +)
    Right Battery positive (+)

    The bold enclosure text may be is wrong. I spent many hours to strat power supply and i didn't, until I connected only V+ and ground.

    It is possible somebody has same problem


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    Hey does anyone have the dimensions on this unit...
    That doesn't appear to list the depth, though I might just not know how to read it. I could probably get away with 160W M2 instead, but more is better right...

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    Do you mean height?

    Luckily I happen to have mine handy as it's just returned from being reflashed.

    Height is 30mm, this is from the highest capacitor to the bottom of the lowest solder joint.

    So a space of 35-40mm at minimum I would recommend.

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    Enforcer sorry I did not reply earlier a bunch of things came up, but mucho gracias man. I really appreciate the info. And height is exactly what I was wondering about. That means I will have no DVD drive in my case, no problem though. Just an external USB one instead I guess.

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    I don't even know where to begin...

    I have checked my wiring, re-wired it. Tried multiple hardware (different RAM, HD, etc). But for some reason my computer randomly reboots (under Windows XP and Windows 7).

    I can take the M4-ATX into my house (along with the whole computer, lol) - take a 12V adapter, wire it up and run it successfully. But as soon as it is in the car it will work, then my PC just reboots.

    Could it be a firmware issue on the M4-ATX?
    I even went into the BIOS and watched the power hardware options - it really did not fluctuate much.


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    It's clearly a power issue...and it's clearly the M4 or your wiring.
    What gauge wire are you running?
    Good ground?
    Where is the ground?
    How is your car battery?
    Does the PC do this when the engine is running?

    Just a few questions

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    What gauge wire are you running? - 8 Guage
    Good ground? - Yes, moved it twice, even ran a ground directly to the battery.
    Where is the ground? - right now battery, was on frame.
    How is your car battery? - good question, no idea.
    Does the PC do this when the engine is running? - just runs, no issue there.

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