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Thread: Door unlock computer startup controller

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    Door unlock computer startup controller

    hi all,

    i roughly looked through the forum and found that there are a few personal projects doing this controller of using the door unlock remote to startup the computer..

    i was wondering if theres any ready to install controller on the market or near ready to install controller that will take a few simple configuration to work instead of building it from scratch ....

    thanks for all your help guys.

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    You could have the signal from the button that turns the lights on when you open the car door short the IGN signal to the carputer via a relay. You could then have a pressure sensor under the driver seat that does the same thing.

    This way, when the door is open and/or you are sitting in your seat, the carputer will be starting before you even put the key in the ignition.
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    ok.. is there any stuff i can purchase? or do i have to design the circuit diagram and relay myself?

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    i was thinking more of the press remote to unlock door/activate carputer.
    if key not in ignition in half a min, kill power to carputer kinda switch.

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