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Thread: REMOTE Carputer + Amp

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    REMOTE Carputer + Amp

    Well its me again with power supply problems!

    First off ill tell about the setup, the remote is hooked up via the radio to the M1, from the M1 i have a line from the J2 to the remote of the amp. so far so good i guess.

    Problem, noting will startup/work. i must say for testing i use the - that runs directly from the car to the amp also for the carputer. its not the way to go but should work no?

    Anyways if i take the - from the carputer of the - from the amp the amp does go on and work. put the - back it all goes out again.

    I just tested the pc with a power supply in my room and it does boot up so the MOBO works.

    What am i not seeing that you guys are?

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    In my experiance, the M1 I had did not have enough current to run a relay or the amp's remote turn on. While I had that problem I tested that wire while connected between the power supply and the amp and the voltage dropped a significant amout to not allow the amp to turn on or a relay to be energized.
    Why dont you just wire up the remote line of the radio to go to the power supply and the amp. If you are worried about current you can use a relay. There is no sense of dasiy chaining all of your turn on wires to turn on in sequence. Unless you are worried about turn-on pop you can go with a timed delay relay.
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    Well all is working now, i think my battery if near dead though, what i changed is the remote from the radio to the AMP and from the amp to the M1. the J2 jumper would not turn the amp off and this seems to work.


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