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Thread: M4-ATX/DS-ATX case fitment

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    M4-ATX/DS-ATX case fitment

    Anyone manage to fit one of the M4-ATX or DS-ATX power supplies in a smaller Mini-ITX case such as the Voom/Voom2 or a Morex 5677?

    I've had an M2-ATX in the past before my whole setup was stolen, and it was fantastic. I had a custom PIC made by someone here on the forums that offered me a custom shutdown timing that isn't available from the factory. The manufacturer doesn't seem to want to make me one with a custom timing, even though they say to contact them for modifications. So in order to get what I want i'm stuck with either a DS-ATX or an M4, both of which are weird shaped boards (not sure why when the standard size seems to be that of the M1/M2-ATX) and altho both are a little more money that I want to spend I don't want to have to put the whole thing in a bigger case. I"m looking to get it all in a case the size ot a Morex 5677 or Voom 2. I won't be using an internal optical drive in the case, so that opens up a bit of room, but I don't know that it will be enough. The problem I'm really faced with is that I don't want to order a bunch of parts to find out that's it's completely not possible, so I'm looking here for ideas.

    The other alternative is if someone here is knowledgeable enough to modify a PIC for an M2 with a custom timing of 30 min shutdown /45 min Hard OFF, I'd be willing to compensate for parts and time, shipping, etc. Please don't tell me about the stock timings, and the hidden timings, I already know about them. They may be close but ultimately they aren't what I want. I'd do it myself but unfortunately I don't know anything about programming PIC microcontrollers.

    It's been quite some time since I've had a carPC, previous one was stolen about 2 years ago and I'm ready to get back into it. What's been killing me is the Power Supply situation, and I need to make a decision. I've been leaning towards the DS-ATX as it looks as tho Programming is easier than the M4, but it's the physical size thing that is driving me crazy.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    i am stuck with the same thing. i am looking into the morex 5689 and morex 5677. If someone has an experience with them please let me know. my board is d945gclf2 and psu is m4 atx
    if some fabrication or modification is required please let me know.

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    I'm building my own case to solve this same problem. I need it to hold the m4-atx and the HQCT1.0

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