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Thread: need help on fusion brain 25A Relay wireing

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    Question need help on fusion brain 25A Relay wireing

    ok i have a fusion brain from
    and i have a 25A Relay from them

    number on the side are pcf-112d2m here is a data sheet

    i have coil1 and coil 2 going to the fusion brain
    as they come pre wired to connect to the brain

    there are 2 pins labeled #4 no-cont & #3 c-cont

    on the other side is 2 copper plugs also named #4 & #3

    o can mesure voltages and i can tell pos neg
    but i would know how to wire this relay
    and help
    would be grateful
    ive googled for a few hours and found nothing exept the data sheet and its giberish to me for the most part

    ive wired a uln2003 before and can run it
    but this is higher voltage and dont want to play around to much experimenting

    in the end i want it to power a power strip or just a light bulb

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    Thanks for all your help here is the answer to my question
    i hope this helps people in the future

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    For Fusion Brain questions, I suggest you post in our subforum:

    I dont check the power supply area much at all.

    Looking at what you have in post #2, that is correct. Remember AC doesnt have a + and - full time. It switches at 60Hz or 50Hz if in Europe.
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