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Thread: THUMP connection

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    THUMP connection

    Hi. I am going to install my pc to the car, but I can not find how to use THUMP connector on my M4.
    There are 2 pins. Which to use? What is the idea of connector?
    Do I have to connect power on wire from my amp to one of the pins an other pin connect to the ground?
    Or do I have to use both pins connected to relay, which will provide 12v to power on wire for amp?

    I have searched a lot, but could not find clear unswer how to connect everything

    Thanks in advance for help

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    I have exactly the same question. My amplifier remote input used to be connected to ignition wire. It was only one wire. Now I want m4-atx to control amplifiere but J6 has two pins. Are both those pins the same?

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