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Thread: CarPC Newbe got a question

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    CarPC Newbe got a question

    I am setting up my first CarPC I am using an old laptop and a 7" Lilliput touch screen. My laptop runs off 12v 2.0A. Would it be ok to connect it directly to the cars power supply or do I need a regulator. Also is there a way to tell the computer to shutdown or go into standby when the car power is turned off.

    The laptop is running Windows XP media


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    Quote Originally Posted by tronview View Post
    My laptop runs off 12v 2.0A. Would it be ok to connect it directly to the cars power supply or do I need a regulator.
    I would look on eBay or somewhere for a laptop cigarette adapter for your laptop and then wire it into the battery with a switch - but you have to keep all the electronics inside the plug so you have to take it apart and solder longer leads to it. That way you know its getting what it suppose to.

    about the startup issue check out this thread:

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    The car power adapter is the way to go. Yes, the laptop requires regulated power. Sounds like you already understand that your car's electrical system doesn't provide that.

    For auto shutdown, you have a few option.s A user here made a shutdown control module specifically for laptops.
    You can also fiddle with power settings so that the laptop will power down (or hibernate) after a certain period of time on battery.
    That won't do anything about having the laptop power on with the ignition.
    If there's a setting in your BIOS to have the PC turn on when power is applied, you can enable that, and you've got what you want. If you don't have that option in the BIOS, then you'll need to seek another method, possibly with a SSDC.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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