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Thread: Power supply for a msi wind desktop car puter?

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    Power supply for a msi wind desktop car puter?

    I want to use my MSI wind desktop PC as a carputer, but it uses its own special ac adapter. So im guessing i have 2 options to power it, but im not sure which is the best solution.

    The ac adapter that comes with it, plugs into a regular wall socket, and outputs 9v (3.25 amps) to the back of the pc with its own little connector (similar to notebook ac adapters).

    Would it be better to purchase a shutdown controller that outputs 9v (like one of the ones on and attach the output to the special end of the wire from the ac adapter so that i can power on and off the pc?

    Or would it be better to purchase some type of shutdown controller that the ac adapter can plug into (wall socket 2 prong) style. (if such a thing exists)?

    any other ideas?

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    I'd go with a SSD (startup shutdown ctrlr ) if you can find one with a 9v output.

    Otherwise an inverter with a relay to shut it off when the motor is not running is your next best option.

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