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Thread: Pc Freezing...When the power locks are used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMonkey View Post
    Where is your PC located?
    In my trunk.

    Quote Originally Posted by dMand View Post
    N/P dj.

    If not, it's definitely interference from your remote transmitter.

    Let me know how other functions from the remote react while your pc is turned on. trunk lock, alarm, etc...try them out and observe your pc to see if the problem arises.
    Alright well I gave it a try. I soldered 2 wires for the positive and negative lead on the little pcb board for 12v and 2 wires for the positive and negative lead on the 5v. I connected everything and it works great with one exception.

    I wired the 12v side to my amp remote and ground wires, if I have it wired to the remote wire the amps wont turn on, BUT if I wire it directly to the positive and negative of the amp (basically directly to battery) it works just fine?? Don’t know why. But with the 12v connected directly to the amps everything works great, the computer does not lock up any more!! The only thing that is on if it is connected directly to the amp is the little led in the USB hub, so it would stay on constantly. I don’t see that being a problem because LED's take hardly any power, so I don’t for see the battery dying due to the little led. I will go ahead and try and different 12 volt switched source and see of that makes any difference.

    Also, I think you misunderstood me on one thing, it doesn’t only freeze when I unlock the doors via remote, it’s also if I were to do it inside the car. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the remote, but more of what you said before with the power spike when the relay for the locks gets activated!

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    I suspect the power door locks are causing a power dip, not a power spike, causing the PC to lock up. It also sounds like it's possible your power supply is right at the edge of putting out as much power as it can, where the USB hub is just enough to push it over the edge.

    What power supply are you using? Is it an M2-ATX by chance? The remote amp wire from that is not capable of providing enough power for a USB hub.

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