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Thread: M3-ATX Power On/Off

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    M3-ATX Power On/Off


    I have tried everything and don't know what to do next.

    This is my problem. When I connect all the power wiers everything is oke.
    (set to PSU mode 1)

    So i turn on my ignition flip. Led starts to blink fast like it supposed to(so read in the manual) (Three burst of very fast LED blinking Start up delay)

    Now after those burst in starts to blink every 1sec. With means according to the manual in is in normal PSU mode.(Slow blinking (~1sec period) Standby (only 5VSB is ON)) But it will not turn on.

    If I put the switch to off again it still remains blinking like 1sec. And if I turn it on again nothing happens just keeps on blinking 1sec.

    I am clueless. Tried every possible wire solution. Ignition on + Vice versa. Nothing. Just the same deal. First start up delay then just standby.

    Thank u very much in advance.


    (sry for bad english) From Holland

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