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Thread: DSATX Survives Crank But Still Restarts?

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    DSATX Survives Crank But Still Restarts?

    I recently purchased a DSATX. Most of it is working great except for one problem:

    When I crank the car, it survives the engine crank, but once it has cranked, the computer will reboot/restart. So if I am still booting, it will restart and go through bios post all over again. If I am already in Windows, the computer will say it is shutting down/hibernate and then turn back on and resume/boot.

    Any ideas?

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    your p1 pot is too short.
    when the car is cranking, the dsatx think that you turned off the car so it started to initiate shutdown.

    Turn p1 pot to the right a little bit, I had the same problem
    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>

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    I recently started having an issue almost like this. Before, if I went into the store, leaving the comp. on, then come back out and crank the car, the computer wasnt effected. Now, whenever I do this, the computer shuts off. I'm thinking the cars battery is going out, since it is 6 years old. But, this just started happening in the last few weeks.


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