Well I'm one of the many who've blown their M2-atx and me being the idiot that I am, decided that I could fix it. After wasting about half the cost of a new M2-atx in replacement components (lm2642mtc, fds6680a mosfets,...), the last chip I need is the PIC16F819.

Mini-box is selling it for $2.95 + $13.95 for shipping, which is pretty pricey for this one chip. Microchip no longer supplies free samples and the cheapest is their $7.50 handling charge, but then i'd need to also buy a PIC programmer for around $20cdn off ebay to program it. Anyone in Canada that sells pre-burned pic16f819's for the m2-atx like mini-box does?

I wish I just bought a new power supply instead of trying to play the fixing game