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Thread: m4 sends signals every 5 sec to shut down

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    m4 sends signals every 5 sec to shut down

    what the heck?

    im using the p1 dip setting.
    could it be old firmware?
    i just purchased this last week

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    i know this is old, but i found a solution.
    it seems the problem is just the m4, idk if its just my m4 or everyones, but my m4 has done this on 3 differ mobos.

    i just had to hook up a relay through the mobo on/off tos end pules until the m4 powers up, then it stops.

    idk if anyone is interested or not, but i could post the schematic later tonight.
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    Could you elaborate on the fix?

    I have a similar issue
    Here is my thread

    Video of issue

    Does this look familiar?

    If so what did you do to fix?
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    I had the same problem. It really ****ed me off. I traced it to a loose connection in the ignition signal line. Once I corrected the loose connection the issue went away.

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