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Thread: Strange M2-ATX startup/shutdown

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    Strange M2-ATX startup/shutdown

    Hey there.
    I have installed my M2-ATX into my car today and it is having a few problems.
    J1- constant +
    J3- Ignition
    J4- Negative
    J8- Motherboard on/off
    J10- Set to 5sec/45sec
    All the wiring has been checked and is correct.

    The problem I am having is that if I turn my ignition on, pc starts up as normal, but when I turn my car off the M2 does a hard off and doesn't allow the pc to shut down. What would be causing this? I had the M2 inside my house, powered by a normal computer power supply when I was setting my pc up and it always worked fine. When I unplug J8 and manually short it, the pc shuts down properly.

    After some more troubleshooting I think I have narrowed it down to my ignition wire.
    Everything works properly if instead of using the ignition wire to trigger the ignition, I use the constant 12v to trigger the ignition it all works. I don't understand this because my ignition wire should be doing this as it supplies 12v. Constant 12v is supplying 12.55V and the ignition is supplying a constantly fluctuating reading between 12.00V and 12.30v

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    Sounds like you got the Ign and +12v lines backwards. The switched source should be the Ign on the M2.

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