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Thread: ITX 60w DC-DC PS + CF-IDE adaptor

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    ITX 60w DC-DC PS + CF-IDE adaptor

    I just ran across this:$50us

    Looks interesting. It snaps directly to the MB.

    They charge a lot for the 120vac-12vdc adaptor ($30) alone.
    $70 for the combo DC PS+ac adaptor.

    The CompactFlash IDE reader ($30) on their store website might be cool for a fast win98 lite boot.

    They have some cool professional(expensive) streaming/encoding servers using 1u chassis.

    If someone trys any of this stuff out, let us know the how they work out .

    Im working on a htpc for now, not enuff time for the carMP3.

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    I like the fact that the power supply is designed to go straight on to the motherboard. That is very cool.
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    So is this all you need to hook it up to the car battery?

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    No, I don't think you could go directly to the car battery. It is designed to work with a 12V 3A input, which would not be hard to do. Looks like an intersting in-car solution.


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