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Thread: OPUS 120w not powering on

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    Unhappy OPUS 120w not powering on

    Hi guys.

    I've having an issue with the OPUS 120w.

    Whenever I shut the car down, if I turn the car on shortly thereafter (1-5 minutes, sometimes longer) the computer refuses to turn on. Each time, the power led continuously flashes once OR twice. And then, of course, no power.

    Some of the time, my amp will pop on for half a second and then back off.

    Usually this is remedied by a five to ten minute wait and just turning the car back on. But, obviously this can be a serious issue.

    I know this is really vague. And it seems to me that the power supply may be faulty, but it DOES work the vast majority of the time, as long as I wait a little bit to turn it back on.

    Anybody else have or know how to fix this problem?

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    Don't know if it will help...I just got mine and after hours of trouble shooting the damn thing I found some weird stuff... It was powering up, and then powering down within 10 seconds...It would do this non stop until I cut power...After much PIMA...I removed the jumper for the AMP turn on delay and it works perfect...If I put the jumper any where on JU 2 its back to crap...

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    Nice. I'm taking the whole pc apart either today or Monday. I'll give that a try and see if it makes a difference.

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