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Thread: Yup, i just fried something on the m2 atx

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    yea thats part of the problem, i cant find it anywhere, or find any pictures of anything that looks like it. Also i tried un-soldering it and taking it off to better inspect it but i cant get it off, it feels like it may be more than solder holding it down. Or i could very well just not be doing it right. I may end up sending it back. I sent customer support an email, im still waiting on a reply.

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    It's a quad line ferrite bead, hence the component designation FB1 or FR1. This is not a fuse but a filter component working similar to an inductor.
    Ferrite beads are similar to inductors in some ways but work especially in an area that is parasitic for general purpose inductors. They essentially act as a high impedance, or "resistor" to high frequency EMI/RFI electronic noise. The absorbed energy is converted to heat and dissipated by the ferrite, but only in extreme cases will the heat be noticeable.
    Same type of component at this one from Steward, but not nessesarily the same specifications:

    The above mentioned Steward 29F0429-0T0-10 is sold among other places at these two online shops:

    Just replace the burnt wire inside the ferrite bead with a new one with the same gauge, you can use the lead from a resistor or similar. And make sure the PCB tracks are not burnt away too or make sure to repair them by soldering some wire on top.

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    it looks like a ferrite bead used to suppress RF Noise . If it is it it can safely be bypassed by jumping b+ to the fuse.

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    yall are god among men, thank you so much. Ill get to workin on it, i appreciate your help!!!

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