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Thread: PSU power over speaker wire???

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    heres a page i found on the internet that has all the specs for wire guage:
    it has current limits, and diameters and more.
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    I noticed that All Electronics (.com) have "Automotive Grade Power Cable" that takes up to 80C. Product #'s WRB-18 through WRB-8 starting at 15 cents a foot for the 18 guage.

    While we're on the subject, do certain types of connectors have their own limits? IE, could you use RCA connectors for your power hookups? I would guess that the connectors are around the range of the wire they hook up to.

    I'd also like to use those monstrous (forget the name) 1/4" headphone plugs. You know, the ones that are (were?) used in midi keyboards and such.

    So did the Cat 5 work ok then? Did you have to double up the strands? Would Cat 6 be any better for this (or just a waste of $)? Harbor Freight has some cheap wire as well:
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    The line that runs the power to my 5" LCD is over 1 pair of 24ga solid core cat5 for the most part, with the final connection using an rca patch cable. I've never metered the screen, but the specs put it at "less than 750ma." Cat6 is more about the tolerances of the cable (twists per foot, defects, etc), and not the wire itself (as far as I know).

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