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Thread: 120vac to 12V for inhome use of dc-dc computer.

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    120vac to 12V for inhome use of dc-dc computer.

    Im getting an opus powersupply for my computer and I was curious if anywone found a cheap solution to convert 120VAC to 12VDC. Im not really sure how much current the opus will draw, as I do not have it yet. I do know that the same computer with an inverter Ac powersupply combo used about 5-6 amps. So i guess if the power supply cound put out 4-5 amps it should be plenty. I dont mind building it myself, but a prebuilt unit would be nice becouse I dont have much free time.

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    Any standard power supply for your PC would probably give you more than enough juice for your opus on the 12 volt line.. I am looking at a crappy 125 watt one here at work and it is rated at 9 amps at 12 volts... Just wire up to the yellow and black wires from a stadard psu...


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    This works for me:

    Idea about how to power in the house

    Pictures on my site...

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