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Thread: moving battery to boot

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    moving battery to boot

    ive been trying to work out a good way to move my battery into the boot.

    the idea i had was to move it to the boot ground it there and add extra grounding in the engine bay. for the positve side run a 1/0AWG wire to the engine bay to a distributor block then to ANL fuses back to the stock wiring

    will this work or am i doing it wrong?
    might be a little over kill in the fusing but i would rather over engineer it
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    I moved the battery in my RX-7 from the engine bay to the storage bin behind the passenger seat.

    What I did was install a battery tray with tie-down in the bin, then ran a wire from the battery to the starter, and continued it from there to the underhood main power block.

    There should be no need to fuse the line from battery to starter. Just ensure the wire won't rub on anything that might chew through the insulation. Use rubber grommets where required.

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