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Thread: DSATX 3 blinks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuo View Post
    ripplinghurst, i have enablesleepon=1 and enable5vsboff=0 and it leaves my carputer in s3 standby.

    on a different but related topic, with hybrid sleep and windows 7, i think it would be the perfect setup to have the dsatx keep my carputer to in s3 standby for 3 days before going into deep sleep and pull the plug on the 5vsb and go into deep sleep if any longer than 3 days, and next time i drive the car it comes out of hibernate instead. i'm thinking could accomplish this by bumping up the dsatx's lowvolts value up from the default 11V to high 11's or low 12's but i'm not that clear on what value i should use and how much time it would give me in standby. maybe someone with a little more knowledge about voltage, amps and what not can chime in here.

    How long does it take to go to deep sleep right now? My 75Ah battery doesn't keep 12 volts for much longer after the engine is turned off, it's mostly high 11's from 15 min after engine turn off to mid 11s days after. How does yours behave?

    So to get the exact 3 days figure you must first figure out how much time is taking right now and go testing from there, experimenting every .2 or .3 volts.

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    i haven't actually tested this yet. i have yet to get windows 7 into the car so for now i'm still running xp with the lowvolts setting at the factory default of 11. i guess the better question would be what is a safe voltage to use so that my battery will always be able to start my car and doesn't die prematurely. i've researched here and on the web and have read that it depends on the amperage more so than the voltage and it fluctuates depending on battery health but like i said before, i'm no expert on car batteries.

    with lowvolts set to 11v, if i leave my car for more than 4 days, the car will just barely start and the dsatx still brings my carputer out of s3 standby so i assume my voltage was still above 11. i think i'll just bump the lowvolts to 12 and let it sit for a few days.
    my car: 2003 g35 coupe, 2.5ghz c2d cpu, gigabyte micro atx mb, dsatx
    wife's car: 2004 honda accord coupe 2.4ghz p4 cpu, asus micro atx mb, opus 150
    company car: 2006 chevy avalanche 2.0ghz p4 laptop, cnx p1900

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    I think I was way off regarding my battery's health. It actually stays around 12.37v 15 min after turning off the engine.

    Another user pm me and recommended to bum the lowvolts DSATX variable to 12v (currently is at 10.50v), as you are suggesting.

    You said at 11v you get 4days? Yeah, that's more than enough for me, 24hs is what I need, 12hs I'll be happy enough. Are you testing on the G35? I wonder if it's the same 75Ah battery as my FX.

    You can bump it into 12v and tell us what happens, I'm going to bump it to 11:50v and see what happens and I'll report back.

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