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Thread: Serener 120W PSU for Pico okay for car use?

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    Serener 120W PSU for Pico okay for car use?

    Hi guys.

    I have a Via Pico board, and this PSU:

    Serener 120W DC-DC Power Converter

    Is there any chance that that PSU is "car ready"? Or would i need to get something like an M2?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Specs show the max voltage input is 12.6v. Most car alternators output 14.5. Min voltage is 11.4, so don't expect to be able to start the car without the system rebooting (like when you stop for gas)

    I don't see where this provides voltage regulation either. Car power systems do not provide stable voltage outputs and this converter is not protected from any spikes.
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    On that website it says at the bottom:

    Note: Input Voltage is strictly required between 11.4V ~ 12.6V. Not suitable for use in automotive applications unless used in conjunction with an additional 12V power regulator.
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