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Thread: Intel D945GCLF2 Shutdown Problem

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    I was trying different things to fix the problem, and I seem to have resolved it.

    I shut down the computer and unplugged ALL my USB devices while it was powering down, and unplugged the power before it could turn itself back on.

    Plugged all the USB stuff back in, but I swapped the wifi and bluetooth this time. When it booted back up, the bluetooth wasn't recognized by Windows. So I shut the computer down... And it stayed off!

    I've swapped everything back to its original location, but the problem seems to be totally gone, at least with my computer PSU. I'll try it with the M2-ATX later tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synt4ks View Post
    Hey Lapat,

    It turns out that the problem i was having was caused by what i can only guess was a faulty CMOC battery connection. The battery itself is fine but i had to make sure the contacts in the slot it sits in were making better contact :P

    That's an amazing find. Although my bios problem has mysteriously dissappeared (in which i get a message that the time is not correct), i wonder if maybe it had to do with the battery not being properly inserted?

    As for hibernate state, i would like the ability to use this feature but i have an M2 pwr supply and wonder if it may not work according to the stories here.
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    D945GCLF2D Try new CMOS battery

    I had the same problem. Tried a number of things. CMOS battery read 2.5 v but I put in a new battery that read 3.0 v and it solved the problem. Nice little board.

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    Anyone resolved this?

    Dont think I will buy an Intel MiniITX board again.

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