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Thread: Laptop power button and Carnetix P1900

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    Laptop power button and Carnetix P1900

    Hi guys,
    I've just dismantled my Sony Vaio to get access to the power button to solder on the ACPI leads but can't work out which of the 4 pins to attach the 2 leads to? I remember seeing a guide somewhere online but cant find it anywhere now. Has anyone got any ideas?

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    model of laptop and some pictures please...

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    you got a ohms meter? if not barrow one.. if thats still not possible then send pix as last guy stated would certainly help.
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    Got it sorted, just had to replace my faulty multimeter

    For future reference, this is what i did (polarity does not matter):
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    Thanks for the picture... And for those who might be wondering, it doesnt matter which foot you solder to (as there are four) just has to be one on each side of the button (to complete the circuit)

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