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Thread: Forced hibernation OR run program w/ Power button

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    Question Forced hibernation OR run program w/ Power button

    Hi all.

    I need my computer to do a forced hibernation, can I activate that some how? I have a program that prevents the computer to hibernate but I also have a program that monitors the hibernationfunktion and halt the process when it's started and then shut down the program and then continues w/ the hibernation. At resume the program starts again normally. But hibernation don't even start so the hibernation never begins and the other program can't shut down the program.. By using forced hibernation I think it will work. How can I activate forced hibernation?

    Second solution:
    When I (or the M3-ATX PSU) press the power button I want a program to run, a script that exit the program then hibernates the computer. I have made the script but can't find a solution for how to start the script w/ the power button.

    Please help!

    Best regards L. Kull, Sweden

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    Ah... what scripting language ?

    First idea would be a script that starts with windows and does nothings but wait for a WM_HIBERNATE (windows telling its progs to stop/snooze) thus kills the the program that has to be killed.
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    That and this sort of behaviour will only work on XP and below. Vista and 7 both rewrote how hibernate/standby is handled, and once initiated by the user, it cannot be overridden/stopped. Also the time was decreased to less than 2seconds for all programs to get the warning call, do something and save state before windows forces an execution stop.
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    True, true....

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