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Thread: Opinions Please PicoPSU P1900

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urbanmindz View Post
    If you go with the zotac with built in DC to DC you will NOT need the pico PSU, HOWEVER, you will not be able to use the p1900 primary output to power your board as I believe the Zotac board can only use 12v regulated input and the p1900 only puts out 18/19/20v.

    I could be wrong but if i remember correctly those are the fact.
    According to this it takes 19v DC input. Am I reading that right? That would work directly with the P1900 with no need for a pico PSU right?

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    You are correct. The Zotac with built in DC does take 19v.

    You will NOT need a separate PSU. You can connect it directly to the P1900 but be sure to set it at 19v on the primary output.

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