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Thread: PSU for my laptop.

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    PSU for my laptop.

    I am just going to install the motherboard and components from my laptop, i'm just confused on the PSUs and don't wanna get the wrong one.

    I'm going to use my Toshiba Satellite A205-S7458 That i've downgraded to XP.

    I also want to see if i can make it keep it's own battery somehow too. If that possible. So it could run on that when the car is off instead of the car battery.

    Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!

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    Laptop car adapter for your make/model.
    There may be a universal adapter that would work, as well.

    Wire the laptop to an accessory-controlled line or simply plug it into a power outlet.
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    How about the Wiki?

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    i was wondering if it would be that easy. i wanted to have the conveinence of the auto startup and shutdown features. i guess i could wire up the on and off button to be the accessory and have it run off its battery at that point and have it run of the car when its started?

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    a Carnetix P1900 or P2140 can provide clean/regulated power to your laptop (if the output voltage matches your laptop's input voltage). they both have built-in startup/shutdown controllers to turn your laptop on/off wth the car's ignition.

    a cheaper, less elegant solution is to use a car power adapter and a separate SSC. the uSDC20D SSC can handle both startup and shutdown. an even cheaper option is to build a relay circuit like Webmaster's Laptop Auto-ON module (it's a very simple circuit to build, but you can buy a pre-built modulke from him as well). if you go this route then you'll have to use software power settings to turn the laptop off.

    good luck

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