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Thread: ITPS and M1-ATX

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    ITPS and M1-ATX

    hi all,

    ... need some help in tracing a voltage drop problem... (i think?)

    I'm running an ITPS board with a M1-ATX power supply... off an utility deep cycle battery that is isolated during cranking... In the process of checking out the battery... but the initial diagnostic is this... computer (EPIA motherboard) will boot and run OK for anything between 30 minutes and 1 hour then crashes... power LED on m/boards is on, LED on M1-ATX switch on and off as soon as it starts drawing power...

    1) is it still necessary to run the ITPS board... (wired it in before installing the M1-ATX and isolating the utility battery)?

    2) the input voltage on the ITPS is 12.64V and on the output it reads 11.64V, dropping 1V over the board... is this OK?

    thank you kindly for any advice...

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    Get Rid of the itps, it's useless 'cause your M1-ATX doesn't need steady 12v input. With the 1v drop of the itps the m1 might "think" your battery is depleted.

    The Itps isn't limited to 60 W ?
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p

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