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Thread: powering and charging my system

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    powering and charging my system

    can anyone help with this one.
    i'm trying to setup my system to run from the battery when driven around or parked up, this will be a dedicated battery and not being used to start the car.
    this is where the system will changed slightly as the car its going into is a camper, so i will have electric hook up of 240v. I'm looking to charge to battery while at camp sites. at first i through this would be easy but found a few brick walls.
    my system setup is:-

    alpine x100 head unit, 8watts
    dvd visors x2, 12watts each
    head rest screens x2 10watts each
    alpine 5.1 decoder 8w
    6 disc DVD changer 25watts
    amp 1 JL audio g4400
    amp 2 hifonics son of bolt
    both amps together work out to around 480 to 600 watts

    so this it works out i need to between 573 to 685 watts based on working around 50% power.

    first thing which battery to use, i currently have an 100ah leisure available to put in place but i don't think this will do the job.
    secondly which charger unit to use to balance the system out when on site with 240v hook up.

    thirdly would i be better off trading in the amps and get a single 6 channel amp in order to reduce the amps required to run the system. therefore reducing the size of the charger system.

    please help.

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    It's hard to estimate what sized battery you want. A deep cycle battery is a definite want, as you aren't looking for high current draw, just long runtime. As for the charger, there are many good RV and Marine battery chargers that would do what you are asking for, regardless of what sized battery you end up purchasing.

    For battery sizing estimation, you are looking at about 50 to 55 amps (@ 12Volts) with that setup, which means you'd be looking at less than 2 hours runtime with that 100 Ah battery.
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    could anyone recommend a good auto-charger? i too will be installing a deep cycle battery just to run the pc, and it will normally be charged by an isolator (so the alternator will charge it just like the regular battery). but i also want to take the truck camping, and plug into the campsite electric to keep things charged up while im using it.

    so basically, im looking for a solid (10a is plenty in my case) charger that doesn't draw a load when its off and starts automatically when powered up (so i can just leave a cord hanging out the front of the truck, to plug in whenever i want)

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    I use this one. http://www.customcorvetteaccessories...rycharger.html

    Not that I run the PC off battery or anything, but the C5 is notoriously hard on batteries if you let it sit, so I wanted a good charger. The CTeck was the best choice when I looked at the chargers available.
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